Update on our kids



Hurricane Isaias is hitting The Bahamas, the latest in a series of disasters that have pummeled the islands since Aug. 24-Sept. 10, 2019, when Hurricane Dorian struck, the most intense tropical cyclone on record to hit the islands.

The economy crashed after Dorian, and COVID shut down the tourist industry, on which at least 95 percent of the people depend. From taking in relatives who no longer have homes to being hungry to illness, closed schools and no social services to help, our kids have suffered extensively, even before Isaias appeared on the horizon.

Isaias is drenching the island paradise amid a resurgence in COVID with curfews and lock-downs. The hurricane shelters on some of the islands have not been rebuilt, leaving the people defenseless.

Our kids need our prayers, and they will need our help more than ever. Basketball Smiles responded last year after the devastation of Dorian, providing much needed school supplies, and we will respond this year, too.

Be thinking about what you can do to help our children, and in the meantime, pray for them.

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